Application for Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation: Alpha
ANIMa Unit, Gawain Mark Three
Player Name: Elliott / Bliss Authority
Personal LJ: Not that I ever use it, but here
AIM Contact: The same as my e-mail address, blissauthority at gmail dot com. I will be able and willing to contact you on AOL through gTalk.

Character Name: Joshua Castellano Preston
Canon: Canon OC: Based on Joshua Preston from Bliss Stage (Tabletop Game)
Role: Combatant
Community Tag josh preston


Seven years before the beginning of the game, the remnants of the United States in San Francisco were further devastated by an alien attack from beyond our understanding. Called the Bliss by those who survived it, it appears to be an impenetrable psychic field - no physical phenomenon can get in or out - and anyone over the age of 18 in the field is in danger of falling into a permanent sleep the next time they dream. The disturbing smile of these victims is what earned this devastating attack the title of 'The Bliss.'

The children of the area did all they could to survive. At best, this meant street gangs, led by the most capable teenagers. At worst, this meant truly horrific behavior. Joshua has seen both, and is somewhere in between - he has killed, but he has never attacked in anger or stolen where he could have bargained.

Two years from now - two years after the decent of the Bliss - the Nightmares arrived. Aliens with vastly superior technology appeared first in dreams, then in the waking world, and scythed through most of the remaining teenage survivors with the searing rays and noxious smokes of their Terror Drones. Most kids were lucky to have handguns. They were no match for the monsters.

Except... one adult survived. Joshua's father Jim, an ex-cop, denied sleep through his access to the amphetamines in the drug impound, and gathered a paramilitary force of teenagers around him to resist the invasion. This Resistance was small, and had little ability to directly oppose the Nightmares, but they did provide humanitarian aid and escape to the survivors of the Bliss wherever they could.

Five years after the Bliss, through some miracle, the Resistance captured a Terror Drone and managed to reverse-engineer it. Although Alien Numina Inversion Theory is beyond most of the kids there, the basic effect of this device - named the Alien Numina Inversion Machine, or ANIMa - is to translate a dream into an object. This half material and half psychic device is powered by a strong emotion, enhanced by psychic resonance, and in the form of a suitably symbolic weapon or piece of equipment.

In short, the Resistance found a way to weaponize love. And to give it a form that was the bane of the Nightmares - able to slay them despite their being out of phase with the waking world.

Joshua was not part of the Resistance initially - his father was working security for the Job Corps at Treasure Island, and he was at home in the Mission district - but he was soon reunited with his father, driven by rumors that someone had found a way to fight back. He has done so ever since, and has no regrets.

Personality: What it says at the top of his character sheet is "Eager Young Soldier," and that's a fair summary. He's a fucked up kid with a lot of anger at his father, the world and especially the alien enemy, and a great deal of his motivation for fighting is simple revenge. He wants the Nightmares to bleed for what they did to him.

Joshua is always aware that the aliens killed his Mama through the Bliss and left his Da' a shell of a man - Joshua almost exclusively calls his father by his self-styled rank of Colonel rather than by his name or da' these days - and privately, his father agrees that he's not deserving of being called that. While Joshua respects his father's tactical genius and decades of practical experience, he no longer considers the man to be his beloved Papa.

And yet - a great deal of his outrage at the enemy is a 'never again' mentality. More important than destroying the enemy is protecting the innocent, to him. He joined the Resistance to help children avoid the last seven years of his life, bring some semblance of order and civilization back to his world. He is gentle and soft spoken - introverted, even! - when not playing up his warrior shtick. While he's adept at social situations, they tire him out, and he needs some time alone with his thoughts from time to time.

Joshua is going through puberty, and is beginning to notice girls (and, to a lesser extent, other boys) - which is mortifyingly embarrasing for him. It was so much easier for him to navigate relationships when he could triage people into Allies, Neutrals and Hostiles. Having to add 'lover' to that list is throwing him off, especially when he has a crush on two of his allies - his Anchor Meredith (and some of that might be a confused reaction to her almost motherly affection), and his fellow Pilot, Sara Smith both of whom are probably gonna get apped. So far he's trying to treat them as friends.

Just friends. Really.

Unfortunately for him, the very nature of his mecha will force him to deal with those feelings sooner, rather than later - the machine is powered by intimacy and maintained with trust. If he has buried feelings, they are as dangerous to his mecha as unexploded ordinance, and for the same reason. On an intellectual level, Joshua is aware of this. On an emotional level... Josh is fourteen years old.

Job: ANIMa Pilot, and such odd jobs as need doing around the base, including KP or cleaning up.

Robot Name: ANIMa Unit 'Gawain'
Robot Description:
Joshua Preston's ANIMa Unit is knightly in appearance, as suits his self-image as a protector of innocents. If the Gundam are oversized samurai armor, he's packing 50 feet of Spanish plate mail. It's more of a Real Robot than a Super Robot, although it can pack Super Robot guns if Josh has a romance for the ages - see the section on weapons below.

It is always, without exception, formed from his relationship to an Anchor, a noncombatant that acts as his sensor operator, a la Tank from The Matrix - actually, more like an Architect from Inception; he needs to be asleep and dreaming to pilot the machine. In fact, his dream-self is piloting it, not his physical body! He has a default Anchor, but anyone with proper training and strong CR can do it.

The ANIMa is primarily a ground unit. It can interact with the physical world, which leaves 'shadows' in the dream world that he can perceive and use as cover. His machine is slightly out of phase with reality, or 'dreamphased:' it both takes and receives roughly half the amount of damage any weapon that isn't directly extradimensional, telepathic, psychokinetic, or magical in nature. I do mean 'directly:' a fireball created by magic is just conjured fire and does half damage, but a bolt of mana or a Starlight Breaker would deal full damage. It shares this property with the Nightmares and their Terror Drones, which is why the ANIMa are essential to attacking them: two Dreamphased units ALWAYS deal full damage to each other.

Underwater, the ANIMa is not impeded - but it, and all other Dreamphased units, are treated as being physical and lose the benefits and drawbacks of Dreamphased. Water is where the dreamworld and the Wake meet, apparently; he can walk on the bottom of a riverbed as though he were in air - in the Dream.

So, Land: A, Air: C, Space: C, Water: A.

Joshua Preston's ANIMa construct is, like all ANIMa constructs, powered directly by his psychic bonds to friends and allies. It's capable of creating a weapon from anyone he has a particularly strong tie to, although in practice this means that I'll occasionally submit a request for a new weapon to the moderators with the permission of whoever he has strong CR with.

In general, more intimate relationships are more effective when they work: they hit harder, soak more damage, or give him a higher top speed. Trusting weapons are more durable and reliable, however - they have bigger clips, lower energy drains, better maneuverability and cruising speed, and give Joshua's mech more 'hit points.'

Both Intimacy and Trust are rated on a scale of 1 to 5: Trust is fairly arbitrary, but Intimacy has certian very specific requirements - although direct blood relationships (say, to his father) give him a bonus point, acting as if it was one level higher.
1 Int is the default, and has very weak effects on par with a sharpened knuckle on a gauntlet, an ablative physical shield, or one guided missile.
2 is having at least worked together, lived together, or talked. It results in standard equipment - a mecha-scale rifle, a harmonic knife, or a missile rack.
3 is at least a personal discussion (friendly or otherwise), sharing personal food or drink, or some form of affectionate touch. It results in superior equipment - a jetpack allowing sustained flight, a Heat Hawk, a laser cannon or assault rifle.
4 is at least having done enough physical harm to someone to have drawn blood, or having kissed (however chastely or romantically), or groping, or nudity in front of someone. It results in cinematically effective equipment - lightsabers, Reflex Missile pods, and the like.
5 is at least having had sex - or, for the purposes of psychic feedback, killing someone. This is the point where they break out the Getter Beams, the Big O Final Stage, or the Goldiron Banhammer Crusher.

Note that I will be very careful and judicious about getting him to Int 5 weaponry, if he's comfortable with getting there at all.

His initial weapon loadout is based on his relationships to other people in his canon. In general, he will be limited to using 6 weapons during any given mission, maximum, and in practice using more than 3 or 4 at a time tends to put him at severe risk of early Bliss Out.

His starting weapons are:

Core Pulse Cannon - formed from a 5 Intimacy (counting bonus point), 1 Trust relationship with his father, this energy gun is capable of firing small bolts of seething hatred, which manifests physically as vented plasma from a fusion reaction.
Joshua can overcharge it into a small, highly damaging bolt of energy that can pierce through damn near anything, but with his current levels of great respect and trust in his father, this will leave him depleted of energy and almost certainly destroy the Cannon!

Emerald Blades/Chassis - formed from a 3 Intimacy, 2 Trust relationship to his Anchor, Meredith Baker. His chassis comes equipped with two energy projectors above the wrist, that form blades of pure determination he uses like punch-daggers. While his machine has a great deal of armor, anything that blows through is likely to deal great damage. He's a dodge maniac, not a tank.

Seraphim Thruster Block - his 2 Intimacy 4 Trust relationship to Sara Smith manifests as six angled thrusters that allow him to fly on jets of courage. While they're not that fast, they make Joshua highly maneuverable and have a good deal of combat endurance.

Clover Talisman - Sara's brother Derek grants Joshua this 2 Intimacy, 3 Trust energy shield, that projects four roughly round fields of hope, capable of stopping rifle fire and parrying most physical and some energy weapons.

Qintuple Mamba Missiles - This 2 Intimacy, 1 Trust relationship to Sara's crush Keenan manifests as a missile pod with 5 guided missiles, armed with acidic disgust warheads. They're more useful for distraction value than anything - they're apt to go after anything that moves and isn't transmitting the proper IFF codes. Why yes, Joshua does have ISSUES with the womanizer this weapon is drawn from, how did you guess?

There are others, but unless they app, I'm not including them.

Notes: Joshua is going to get in romantic shenanigans and some comedic situations by default - Bliss Stage IS designed to have some vaguely Dating Sim or harem anime shenanigans built in. I would also very much appreciate someone apping an OC Anchor; the Anchors in the one-shot I've based this guy on are deliberately unnamed and vague, although Josh certianly has a thing for him or her... or vice versa. Occupational hazard of Anchoring.

Missions: To be discussed with the Moderators, but as a whole, they're a campaign to defeat the aliens, understand the aliens, and raise a second generation.

Sample Posts: From Planeocracy. - Talking down an infatuated eldritch horror. - Day of the Dead/Halloween prep. - Getting down to serious business.

Permissions Post RE: ANIMa Unit 06 "Gawain Heavy Recon Frame"
ANIMa Unit, Gawain Mark Three
Joshua Preston is from Bliss Stage. (Bliss Stage is dramatic. Other games are not dramatic. Buy Bliss Stage. Thank you for your cooperation, Citizen Gam-R-RPG.)

In Bliss Stage, the weapons and armor that a Pilot has access to for his psionically constructed mech', the ANIMa, are determined by the depth, resilience and tenor of his feelings for other people: his 'Relationship' to them, in other words. Yes, that's a game term.

I'd like permission for him to manifest weaponry and armor of various strengths and capabilities based on his CR with other players in a given game.


If you'll let me use our CR as his weapon, I'll post here with his new toys by game.

Edward - 3 Intimacy for conversation (about precisely what they'd do to thier crushes during the Think Sexy Thoughts virus), 4 Trust (heterosexual life partners I'm not gay!)

Fire Lord Azula - 3 Intimacy (FOR SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER!!!ONE!), 2 Trust and 1 Stress (SEE ABOVE!!!eleven!)

IC/OOC Permissions
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
CHARACTER NAME: Joshua Castellano Preston.

NOTE: Joshua Preston is the signature Eager Young Soldier of Bliss Stage, the tabletop game. I've had to fill in a lot of him with headcanon and stuff from a fangame I'm making, though.


Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Please!
Fourthwalling: If it comes up, you have permission to know IC about Bliss Stage and Joshua Preston. Be careful when discussing it with Joshua, though.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): His canon is messed up enough that he's probably already dealt with it.


Hugging this character: Go for it.
Kissing this character: PM me first, as a kiss is intimate enough to affect his ANIMa.
Flirting with this character: Please.
Fighting with this character: Please yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Breaking his bones is about the upper limit. PM me if you're doing anything that would draw blood, because that affects his ANIMa.
Killing this character: Don't.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: PM me first.

Joshua is a teenager. Joshua also has or will have sex with castmates who are about the same age. If it comes up, it will be so offscreened like whoa, but the reprecussions are important enough that it will come up, and that's not considering that he gets his superweapons from that kind of intimacy.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!

Mission 01 - Followup to the Dirty Little Secrets post
emote manwhat, You cannot be fucking serious
I'd say that girls are weird, but I think it's just that PEOPLE are weird.

I just don't get Sara.

Mission 00 - Operation Duck Hunt
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
Brought up the community 3-D to the unit. Derek had kittens, as expected, but everyone was concerned. The Colonel and the Major in particular think that people having known me - us - earlier is fairly dire.

We immediately went on patrol through the dreaming, trying to track the signal. Didn't manage much in the way of that, but we did run into... call them Mi-Go class (yeah, thanks for the Lovecraft imagery, Derek) protecting some...thing:

OOC'ly cut for images, may want to tell him how to lj-cut iclyCollapse )

Scanned that thing before blowing it up, over Da's protests. Teal deer is that it's an alien comm tower of some kind. Which means that now we can trace communications, triangulate - Major Lin called me by my first name instead of by my last name for that, I guess I did SOMETHING right.

Damage to my missile rack and to the jetpack. I am not looking forward to patching things up with KC, and I REALLY hope Sara doesn't overreact to... whatever. I fuckin' hate psi combat.

Re: the last post [DramaDramaDuck]
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
She's grumpy as hell and still won't speak to her brother, but she's up and moving again, thank God.

[Public video]
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
Hey everyone.

I, uh. Just finished up a major offensive back home. So, um, if I seem cranky or irritable that's the reason why.

I'm just... gonna be chilling out for a while in my room. I'll be willing to talk more about it in about an hour or so.


please let her be okay.

[ooc: replies are ICly in an hour or two after this message is posted Zazie, feel free to have fun with a Trauma 4 Josh Preston in your room.]

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggywartyhogwarts, teach us something please! Faillocked.
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
Another year gone by...

S'good to see Naoto again, and Ed, and all the rest, but this year is going to completely kick my ass. What the hell was I THINKING taking all these high-level courses...? Oh, right, that it would impress my old man. Or at least get me closer to following in his footsteps, anyway - just keep telling yourself, "it's to become an Auror, it's to become an Auror"

Merry has been pretty understanding about the whole thing, anyway. Being able to dazzle with my spellcraft and unable to baffle her with my bullshit really, really helps. Me, I just hope that no dumbass Slyth with a skull tattooed on their wrist gives me TOO much grief over her.

And now I have to kick the ass of the idiots who made my house look bad within 20 hours of getting here. Seriously.

Hogwarts AU Plotting post goooooo NOW WITH MOAR INFO
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
House: Griffindor
Year: Fourth-year
Wand: Rowan and dragon's heartstring, 9 inches
Blood: Halfblooded
Enrolled In: Arithmancy (and it's KICKING HIS ASS), Transfiguration, Charms, DADA, Muggle Studies (easy A!), Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures

Josh isn't the best student, but he is a good one, and friendly, and he's not afraid to hang out outside his House, especially with one of his best friends, Edward, a Slytherin (if I recall my discussion with his mun correctly). He has a particular affinnity with magic powered by emotion and with dueling.

His mom was a muggle; his father was an Auror. He really, REALLY wants to be an Auror too, or at least in the Ministry doing Important and Useful Work, even if it isn't glamorous. He wants to help, and he wants to help nonmages too - to the point that he avoids using the word muggle if he can.

He also kind of has a reputation as a matchmaker, but doesn't seem to have a girlfriend - or boyfriend - himself. Weird.

Plot with him here!

Archive: Locked, Hackable
emote Serious, Joshua Preston Reporting
Okay, we need better firewalls on those consoles. Thank god nothing seems to be damaged, but what the fuck is with those smilies? And why was Yukiko laughing when she saw them?


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